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Rose wore her pantyhose all day long, and when she came back from work, she decided to go and sit on her boyfriend's face wearing nothing but her pantyhose. While facesitting and smothering him, she would rub herself all over his face! Her smell was deeply trapped in her pantyhose and her boyfriend was suffocating under her. It was a pungent smell since she never wears any panties under her pantyhose. This hot dominatrix loves when her pussy juice soils her pantyhose and she can use those later for facesitting her boyfriend.

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She get very aroused when she sees him trying to take his nose from under her ass, desperately trying to get some fresh air somehow. In desperation, he bit her pantyhose ripping them up while she was facesitting him as seen in the thumbs below. He thought that with pantyhose, the smell would go away, but he was wrong, the smell was already on his face. He would need a good shower to get rid of this stink, but Rose won't let him go. She had a bad day at the office, and she really needs to get her pussy licked right now.

He started licking her pussy as her juice kept pouring out to his mouth...
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