Lesbian Facesitting

In this movie, 2 lesbian female catfight each other, taking turn facesitting each. Although, the domination is clearly demontrated by the stronger and sexier white girl Pamela! She uses her strength to subdue her opponent and with her sexy round ass, she start smothering the black girl's face, thus weakening her even more! The facesitting position is undeniably very effective at preventing a slave girl breathing! And the humiliation of having to smell her ass at the same time is bonus.

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Meanwhile, the submissive slave becomes even more submissive and is then ordered to pleasure her lesbian mistress orally! The looser has no choice but to obey if she wants to continue breathing. So she starts licking her pussy, already wet, a mixture of pussy juice and sweat! She then uses a dildo to really finish her off in an orgasmic way ! A great way to end a lesbian catfight !

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Ass Smothering - Fantasy Face Smothering