Human Pony Boy

Roxy is a tight black milf and also a dominatrix. She gets her pleasure from the suffering of men! Thankfully, she's a professional femdom and she gets pays by lousy slaves that need torturing! This is were Marc comes along. Marc is a pathetic man, he needs to be ordered around, and he needs to exercise cause his getting fat like most slaves are! So Roxy told him to get on his knee so she could mount her warm ebony ass on his back! She always love to the feeling of riding her human pony. Something to do with objectifying a man and abusing him.

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Marc is getting tired from walking on his hands and knees, this human pony hasn't got much exercise lately. He crumbles on the ground. The ebony mistress stand him up and tied him to a cross in order to punish him! She start spanking him with her riding crop for a while. Maybe this slave will understand that while being with a mistress, you must perform or else...

After riding her human pony to exaustion again, he collapsed on the ground once again.
While sitting on his back she ordered for a boot licking!

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Mistress Pony - Her Slave Husband - Ass Licking Facesitting