Her Slave Husband

Rudy was getting ready for work today, he must provide for his darling wife which is his mistress as well. But that morning, his lady named Avalon was feeling very horny and quickly hold on to him and ordered him to stay to pleasure her! Rudy had no choice but obeying cause he knows that if he had left for work without pleasuring her, later that night, she would punish and tortured him in ways that are almost inhumane!

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As a good slave, Rudy obeyed and quickly assumed the position, which was lying down on his back! Normally, mistress Avalon would only pleasure herself, but since her slave was submissive so fast, she decided to give him a treat at the same time. So she started by sitting her nice big ass on his face while bending forward and stroking his dick, Rudy was very happen, despite the occasional trouble breathing that comes from Avalon facesitting him heavily! It was a long time ago that her mistress had touch is cock that he came very quickly that day! Avalon was quite happy, now she could focus on using her slave to her pleasure!

She then switched side, face sitting him in frontal position and really ride his face,
rubbing her asshole pussy on his tongue...

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