Female Ass Smothering

Rose is a lovely girlfriend but her drunk bastard boyfriend is not. Last, he came home drunk again and she got tired of it. Since is going to pass out anyway, Rose decided to speed up the process by ass smothering him. She as a big round ass which is superb for smothering a guy's face unconscious. If he wasn't so drunk, he could have pushed her off but now he can't. And Rose is merciless with her female ass, smothering every last breath he has.

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But actually, she was enjoying this a bit too much so she would lift up her ass just barely off his face so that he could breathe for a seconds and boom, right back sitting on his face! She wished she had thought about this a long time ago, since he doesn't remember much things when he wakes up the day after! She felt his face squeezed between her ass cheeks, and it felt good!

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