Ebony Facesitting

Three gorgeous ebony girls facesitting a lucky white bastard! This older man is no match for the 3 black females. While one girl is holding his arms and another sitting firmly on his legs, the third black woman can really focus on facesitting this man. Her white panties are pressed hard on the slave's face, squishing his nose and covering his mouth making breathing hardly possible.

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But the real problem starts when they start undressing ... removing their panties allows her black pussy to open up and wrap complety his nose thus making it impossible to breath through is nose! Beside, with all 3 girls sitting heavilly straddling his body, breathing is no more an option for the guy! His completely trapped beneath those ebony bottoms so he has no other choice other than prey for a bit of air once in a while.

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Lesbian Facesitting - Ass Smothering