Double Facesitting

Marco is a smart man! He knew the lesbians couple next door were sexy dominant femdom. All he was thinking was to get these 2 lesbians to double facesit him at the same time! So he started to hit on them knowing full well that they won't like it and there's a chance they might accept just to punish him and torture the guy. Indeed, after a week of nagging, the girls invited him to their place to take a coffee. Step one, DONE. They closed the door behind them, and locked it. Both girl went in the room and came out wearing black pvc lingerie! His eyes popped wide open! His dream got real!

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"You know full well we are lesbians, so we won't fuck you!". "Instead, you will pleasure us and if you do it well, we might allow you to come back as our slave!", they said. Marco was ecstatic, these 2 gorgeous lezdom would finally be dominating him. He would obey to everything they asked. Quickly, is was thrown on the carpet and was told to smell her ass. Her girlfriend was holding his head in a leg scissor, while she straddled his face wearing he cute leather panty. "You will smell my ass, and you will suffocate".

She turned around and showed her naked ass, while the other girl climb on his back holding his head. She shoved his head right in her ass! "Lick her ass bitch, move that tongue deep inside her".
The action continue for a while after that ...

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