Ass Worship Latina

Johnny walk into a strip bar hoping to see some titties and ass, unlucky for him, his dream girl wasn't working tonight! So he looked around when he saw this gorgeous latina stripper, wearing black latex high boots and pvc clothing! Something strike him when he saw her but didn't know what it was yet. He would definitely find out quite fast! So Johnny called her up at his table and requested a private dance. The gorgeous latina dominatrix didn't like the tone of his voice but instead of telling him, she agreed for a private dance, a special kind of private dance!!!

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She brought him to a special room very much isolated from the rest of the place so that nobody would hear or see him! She convinced him to tied him up to the strip pole, and then she began!! She explained that she a dominant latina and as such, he will obey her and worship her ass. She bent down forward and push her ass right on his face! "Smell my ass you fucking slave". "Lick my ass and my pussy, take it all in!". While tied to the pole he could resists her. His head was squeezed between the pole and her sexy ass!

She then climb on his shoulder pushing her wet pussy on his nose and her ass worshipped by his mouth! Breathing started to become very difficult....
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