Ass Smothering

Being ass smothered by a sexy Asian chick in bikini! Wow, isn't that lovely! Poor slave John just came in to the indoor pool where Nadia was swimming. Naughty perv was trying to spy on her but he got caught while jerking off watching a gorgeous female ass swimming! Nadia came out of the water in a hurry and quickly subdued him. She threw him on the a big yoga mat that was lying there and right away, she plented her big ass right on his face smothering him, depraving him of air... "So you like watching my ass" she said, "then i'm gonna sit on your face, we'll see if you still like it when you're breathless!!!".

John was getting weaker by the shortness of breath, very little air can be filtered throught her sexy bikini bottom. But the poor guy was still enjoying this a bit too much, so Nadia had to make him suffer a bit more. She took her bra off and started to breast smothering him, grasping his head with her tight arms and squeezing has close beneath her breasts as possible!

To find out what happened next, I suggest you watch it for yourself.
The movie is called SWIMMING LESSON. You will be able to download it throught this site!

Fantasy Face Smothering - Sexy Girls Facesitting